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The Agile Testing Days are dedicated to the world wide community of Software Testers with an Agile Mindset for constant learning and international networking, expanding your knowledge and significantly enhancing your daily working processes and business.

There is no such thing called Agile Testing – Debunking Rituals and Ceremonies

It has been a fashion in our world to attach “testing” any new process/approach of software development and make it a cult practice. We have several dozens of such “x testing” ideas/tools/process that show up in every avenues in software ecosystem. Agile testing is one such phrase that is abused to a point where it is difficult to attribute one clear definition and common understanding. In this talk – I propose to get to the root of the phrase, analyze it from a historical perspective and present a pragmatic and jargon-less view.. I also cover several rituals and practices that have become part and parcel of legends associated with the phrase and lift the veil from them. At the end, what remains will be some core and primitive ideas and methods around how successful teams built and maintained software. Ready for a shake up?


Shrinivas Kulkarni

Shrini Kulkarni is a senior technology leader with special interest and expertise on Software Testing. In a career spanning over 20 years, Shrini has played various roles covering wide spectrum of software ecosystem and work experience at senior roles in corporations like JP Morgan, Barclays, HCL Tech, iGATE and others. Shrini has won many corporate awards for software testing excellence and community awards like “software testing thought leadership”, “test republic testing challenge” among others. Shrini is active in global testing community through his blog http://shrinik.blogspot.com, other social media (twitter, LinkedIn) and conference speaking engagements in international conferences and user forums. Shrini holds a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian institute of Technology, Chennai, India. Shrini currently is with JP Morgan Bangalore as Vice President, Testing.


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