The Big Fight – Cirque (Dangal): “Agile – To Be or Not To Be”

IT world is a complex world, a painful world. But is Agile the solution? Or does it worsen the pain – Out of frying pan into the fire. As much as ‘To Be or Not To Be’ was an existential question in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and when it comes to Agile, we still face the same dilemma. This question often results in trench wars with proponents from both sides flinging at each other. This may end in being “we do whatever whenever we feel like it – as good as it gets”.

To debate this and get the temperatures soaring “The Big Fight” is back live. Mind you, this is no ordinary debate that you see on the TV! It’s an out-an-out War of Words–you’ve got to pick a side and stick to it till whatever end!

Get witty, get critical, get intellectual, get philosophical–your call! We promise to make it more exhilarating than what you’ve seen on TV! The stage is set and the battle ground awaits its warriors – Followers and Non-Followers. It’s time to speak up for what YOU think is right.

Welcome to “The Big Fight”. We bring in a panel of experts / leaders who possess wealth of experience on Agile to discuss and debate on priorities, conflict of interests and several other challenges that are experienced today. At the same time, ensuring that we do not get swayed by experts biased to either side which often can muddle the picture a great deal.


Raj Neravati

17+ years of experience in the IT industry. Having worked in diverse industries, ranging from Financial Services and Insurance to Health Care, Raj is currently building wearable devices with a vision to humanize technology and transform the way we interact in the IOT world today. Prior to launching Hug Innovations, Raj has led large IT Services organizations that specialized in Software Quality Assurance Services.



Selena is an international speaker, coach and trainer who inspires people to get lit up from within, radiate positiveenergy and empower everyone around them to step into their greatness. As a successful corporate manager, consultant and coach, she brings years of experience across the technology, financial, Agile, software development and testing sectors. She bridges this with training in outside-the-box modalities to support people through lasting personal transformation. Selena’s clientsrave about her ability to help leaders break free from traditional businesspractices to engage the strengths and passions of their team and produce a highly creative, productive and vibrant workforce.



Rahul Verma is a serial testing entrepreneur from Bangalore. He is the Founder & CTO of Test Mile and Talent Reboot . He is the author of RahulVerma. Co-creator of CMAP certifications and one of the authors of ISTQB foundations. He is an advisor and researcher for SALT – School of Applied Learning in Testing. An awarded thought leader for his contributions to Indian testing community, he is known for his practical and unified view of software testing. His software testing experience includes test automation frameworks, agile testing, web security, Java & Python, design patterns and web performance testing. He has presented, published articles and educated thousands of testers in the said areas.


Pradeep Soundararajan

Will be updated shortly.


Jayapradeep Jiothis

Mr Jayapradeep is a technocrat with more than 15 years of experience in IT services and products. Jayapradeep’s current role is to set the Product and Technology vison of the products which his company works on. He actively architects solutions and is a stickler for quality engineering practices . In his previous roles, he has lead service and technology delivery for large project implementations for marquee clients He has been certified practitioner of PRINCE2, ITIL and Agile Project Management.


Jayaprakash Prabhakar

Jayaprakash Prabhakar (JP) is a performance-driven, highly experienced agile coach, trainer and SAFe Program Consultant with ability to help organization deliver world-class quality software. He has over 20 years of experience in software development, testing, Quality and Agile/SAFe coaching. He has worked with more than half-a-dozen leading software companies on Enterprise Agile Transformation journey and has consulted from Start-ups Co.s to large Corporations/ Fortune 100 Corporations, providing Agile training and consulting across India, China, USA and Europe. Currently coaching a European mid-size organization across India and Germany for their Agile transformation program. JP a renowned speaker at Agile and Scrum meet-ups, STEP-IN, QAI and Agile India Conferences, published articles on various Agile communities.


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