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The Agile Testing Days are dedicated to the world wide community of Software Testers with an Agile Mindset for constant learning and international networking, expanding your knowledge and significantly enhancing your daily working processes and business.

The Agile QTOPIA

Do people cry in heaven? Agile is projected as a utopian view of the IT world. Then why are you still crying? Behind the facade of some magical success with Agile, most of the companies and teams are still struggling to get the software right (and/or build the right software, whatever English restructuring has an official term coined for it). People – who are at the center of Agile philosophy – are unhappy. This does not look like a utopia. Calling it a dystopia would be an extreme too. It is a Qtopia (to answer an Indian smirk, yes! you can also read it as ***topia).

If you want to see what a lion truly is, you need to observe it in the jungle. Agile is not what you see in the books or talks on Agile. This talk by Rahul Verma is a critical analysis of the real Agile in India – the Agile in the wild.


Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma is a serial testing entrepreneur from Bangalore. He is the Founder & CTO of Test Mile and Talent Reboot . He is the author of RahulVerma. Co-creator of CMAP certifications and one of the authors of ISTQB foundations. He is an advisor and researcher for SALT – School of Applied Learning in Testing. An awarded thought leader for his contributions to Indian testing community, he is known for his practical and unified view of software testing. His software testing experience includes test automation frameworks, agile testing, web security, Java & Python, design patterns and web performance testing. He has presented, published articles and educated thousands of testers in the said areas.


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