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Welcome to Asia’s greaTEST Agile Event

The Agile Testing Days are dedicated to the world wide community of Software Testers with an Agile Mindset for constant learning and international networking, expanding your knowledge and significantly enhancing your daily working processes and business.

Testing in a Responsive Enterprise

The session is about how testing in agile ecosystem has reshaped itself over the years:

  • Testing large monolithic softwares, moving towards tier based architecture and now serverless architectures. I would elaborate it with a few examples and case studies.
  • Role of testers has also undergone a major transformation – from test bed creation to test case design to execution and feedback mechanism. Everything has changed.
  • Metrics and measurements – fundamental shift in what we measure and how we act upon them.
  • Change in engineering practices – TDD, BDD to now Domain Driven Development.


Organizations are adopting agile without much thought investment into updating engineering practices.

  • Testers need to understand how their role and approach changes with the advent of agile.
  • A credible career path for testers and skills and attributes required to get there.
  • How they can work shoulder to shoulder with developers to build an awesome product and ‘delight the customer’.

Abhishek Johri

Working in agile ecosystem for past 5 years, having coached teams and business units thereof, I invest in learning by attending conferences, meeting new people, learning from their experiences, their approach and helping the agile community as a whole.

In the past one year, he has spoken in following forums

  • Scrum Bangalore, Topic – Agile Transformation Challenges in Offshoring Context.
  • Discuss Agile, Bangalore – Performance Enhancement Systems in Agile.
  • Discuss Agile, Delhi – Top 9 Challenges in life of Agile Coach.
  • Agile Coach Club, Bangalore – Agility Ladder (An Approach to building a Responsive Enterprise).

Other than this, he has conducted many trainings at team, mid management and executive levels.


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