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How to avoid the Internet of Insecure Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an ever expanding network of interconnected internet-enabled devices. Conservative estimates suggest that by 2020 over 200 billion connected sensor devices will be in use. Connected devices create an increased level of intrusion in our day to day generating new types and unprecedented quantities of data raising potential quality and security issues. There have been some very public recent examples of IoT flaws including the Osram Lightify smart bulbs that security experts found could enable hackers to breach home Wi-Fi networks.

In this presentation we will be exploring the technical challenges facing the IoT industry, reviewing the current myriad of competing industry standards and general lack of quality assurance and security testing. We will outline a certification process which enables those involved in IoT to ensure their products conform against the latest industry standards and QA & security testing best practices.

Key takeaways

  • Can we find an appropriate approach to IoT security that balances risk and cost?
  • What are the main functional issues that we should be testing IoT connected devices for?
  • Can we put in place a framework which allows the consumer to have trust in the IoT devices being marketed to them?

Gaurav Maheshwari

Gaurav is pragmatic software professional having 13 years of experience developing, managing and executing projects on various platforms for multiple domains like Mobile, EDA, aerospace, etc, using the state of art software practices. He holds his Masters from IGNOU and DAVV (Indore).


Prashant Jain

Prashant has 11 years of experience in the software industry. During this time his work has ranged across the software development lifecycle, but specifically he has garnered expertise in modern software development best practices including agile development, product development and software testing. He has done his Master of Computer Applications from RGTU Bhopal.


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