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All sprints are guilty unless proven innocent

In this dynamic, fast paced software world Agile has become the choicest form of project execution in several instances. As more and more companies start adapting scrum methodology that helps in meeting time to market goals, also observed some of the wrongs practices outlined below which makes sprints “Guilty” unless we prove otherwise.

  • – Due to the importance laid on delivery and faster time to market, the focus on testing is often gets compromised results in poor quality deliverable.
  • – The DoD (Definition of Done) in most cases fails to capture in detail the different levels of testing (Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance) resulting in high rework.
  • – Due to the flexibility scrum brings in accommodating “changes” even at a late stages of the life cycle, the incentive for “Doing things right the first time” is compromised and team starts believing failure is “acceptable” if we practice scrum which drastically undermines the benefits of the methodology.
  • – The importance of non-functional testing like performance, usability, security etc. often takes a back seat due to the emphasis laid on delivery of functional features to meet the sprint goal.
  • – With continuous integration and changing requirements, it can be easy to miss critical tests for any requirement. Another cause of missing test coverage is due to code being changed that was not anticipated.
  • – Since code is changed and compiled daily, the likelihood of code breaking existing features is much higher. Since most of the agile teams are resource constrained, it is not practical to have testers do this daily.

Agile is an excellent way to deliver software faster and with higher quality if testing team understands the unique challenges they are faced with. In this paper the author talks about all these challenges in detail and also the methods, techniques and industry best practices to overcome these flaws in the world of “Agile Testing”. The paper outlines the application of contemporary test practices like Design for Testability (DFT), shift left continuous testing solution coupled with data driven automation framework to overcome these challenges.


Deepak Chopra

17+ years of experience in innovating business processes that drive profitability and growth Currently the Vice President – Lean Digital Transformation Team, CMITS global IT where he is heading a team of LSS Digital MBBs, black belts & process experts

A multispecialty leader – Design Thinking Expert, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Agile (Scrum) Trainer & Coach, CMMI High Maturity Expert (Maturity Level 5), ITIL v3, ISO (Lead Auditor for ISO 27k, ISO 20k), Innovation & Analytics expert, and EFQM/RBNQA expert. In his earlier stint, he has been a consummate management and process excellence consultant to many fortune 500 organizations like Cadbury Schweppes, Accenture, Ericsson, Emirates, Capgemini, Panasonic, United Health Group, Sun Life Financials, Prudential, Great Eastern Life etc.


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